Welcome to the Nickstory Archives! Thank you for your interest in contributing to this project and helping to build a bigger and better guide to all things Nickelodeon! Here are a list of questions you may have (and their answers). If you still have questions before you start contributing, please contact a staff member on their talk page or reach out to us on our Discord!

Please note that we are NOT affiliated with any of the spinoff archive wikis that are made with Nickelodeon's sister networks/other networks. Hopefully this will avoid any confusion in advance.


Q: What is "Newspapers"? I keep seeing it on schedule pages.
A: Newspapers is short for newspapers.com, an internet archive of newspapers. Any paper name followed up by "via Newspapers" means it was sourced from that site.

Q: What is a screenbug? I don't see any bug!
A: A screenbug is the little Nick logo in the corner of the screen (usually the lower right). Screenbugs are actually one of the main ways we're able to figure out the dates some of our old tapes were recorded, so they're extremely important!

Q: Will you cover any of Nickelodeon's sister networks or the international Nick channels?
A: Unfortunately, No. Archiving 40+ years of broadcast history is already an extremely huge undertaking as it is. However, there is other channel archives you can find on the Community tab.

Q: What is this "Internal Documentation"? Why can't I find any links related to it?
A: Internal Documentation refers to staff-only documents. All you need to know is that they are very reliable. If you wish to list "Internal Documentation" as a source, do NOT do so without asking staff for approval.


Q: How can I contribute to this wiki?
A: Good question! Here's a basic guide on how you can get started.

Q: I have old recorded VHS tapes/DVDs/etc. of Nickelodeon! What can I do?
A: Wonderful! If you have old recordings of Nickelodeon, please reach out to us! We're always interested in helping people date their old recordings and adding new information to the wiki.

Q: My VHS recordings have no commercials and/or no screenbug. Are they still of any use?
A: Yes! One of our specialties is figuring out when recordings were made, whether there are commercials or not!

Q: I want to contribute my old recordings, but I have no way to digitize them. What can I do?
A: No problem! Please reach out to our staff for assistance! We're always happy to help with preserving old broadcast footage.

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