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July 11, 2001 July 13, 2001

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am The Brady Bunch Nick at Nite '00
12:30am Nick at Nite '00
1:00am Three's Company Nick at Nite '00
1:30am Nick at Nite '00
2:00am The Jeffersons Nick at Nite '00
2:30am Nick at Nite '00
3:00am All in the Family Nick at Nite '00
3:30am Nick at Nite '00
4:00am I Love Lucy Nick at Nite '00
4:30am Nick at Nite '00
5:00am Laverne & Shirley Nick at Nite '00
5:30am Pinky and the Brain Nick at Nite '00
6:00am Nick News with Linda Ellerbee Cable in the Classroom
6:30am Cro Noggin on Nick
7:00am CatDog
7:30am Hey Arnold!
8:00am The Wild Thornberrys
8:30am Rugrats Under Chuckie's Bed / Chuckie is Rich
9:00am Blue's Clues Mechanics Nick Jr.
9:30am Nick Jr.
10:00am Bob the Builder
10:30am Bob's Birthday / Spud Minds His Manners / Bob's Big Surprise / Wendy's Watering Can Nick Jr.
11:00am Dora the Explorer Nick Jr.
11:30am Surprise Nick Jr.
12:00pm Little Bill Nick Jr.
12:30pm Monty's Roar / Natural Root Pals Nick Jr.
1:00pm Doug
2:00pm Hey Arnold! SpongeBob's Nicktoon Summer Splash
2:30pm SpongeBob's Nicktoon Summer Splash
3:00pm SpongeBob's Nicktoon Summer Splash
3:30pm SpongeBob's Nicktoon Summer Splash
4:00pm SpongeBob's Nicktoon Summer Splash
4:30pm SpongeBob's Nicktoon Summer Splash
5:00pm The Amanda Show
5:30pm Rocket Power
6:00pm The Wild Thornberrys Rumble in the Jungle
6:30pm CatDog Kooky Prank Day / Back to School
7:00pm Hey Arnold! Eating Contest / Rhonda's Glasses
7:30pm Rugrats Raising Dil / No Naps
8:00pm SpongeBob SquarePants Wormy / Patty Hype
2001-07-12 2000pm SpongeBob SquarePants.png
8:30pm Daily Nick U-Pick
9:00pm Diff'rent Strokes Father and Son Day Un-re-al-a-thon Nick at Nite '00
9:30pm Football Father Un-re-al-a-thon Nick at Nite '00
2001-07-12 2130pm Diff'rent Strokes.png
10:00pm The Athlete Un-re-al-a-thon Nick at Nite '00
10:30pm The Team Un-re-al-a-thon Nick at Nite '00
11:00pm Family on Ice Un-re-al-a-thon Nick at Nite '00
11:30pm Kathy's Olympics Un-re-al-a-thon Nick at Nite '00

Notes and Highlights
  • To date, this is the last day of Nickelodeon broadcasting it's Noggin on Nick block.

Nick Picks
Note: Blimp indicates the winning show.

Daily Nick U-Pick:

Time / Pick Show Results
8:30 /

Exclusive Online Pick

As Told By Ginger
Hey Arnold!

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  • Tape in Luray's collection (8:00pm)
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