Name Description Image Animated By First Used / eka. Last Used / lka.
Magazine Mime The mime tips his hat. When the screen zooms out, it is revealed that the mime is on the magazine he is holding. He pulls down the magazine, winks, then hides his face with the magazine.
Magazine Mime ID.png
n/a 1979 1981
Crossed Eyes The mime crosses his eyes and looks around. The Nickelodeon logo fades in on his hat.
Mime Crossed Eyes.JPG
n/a 1979 1981
Dancing Mime The mime puts his hat on a broom handle and dances with his new "partner"
Mime Broom.JPG
n/a 1979 1981
Space Travel The Nickelodeon silver ball travels through outer space.
Silver Ball Space Travel.JPG
unknown January 12, 1983
Arcade A teenager plays an arcade game, the silver ball is moving around in the game, and then it replaces the enemys in the game with silver balls, and the Nickelodeon silver ball logo appears.
Arcade Silver Ball.png
unknown August 11, 1983 February 19, 1984
Rube Goldberg A Rube Goldberg style contraption moves a silver ball around until the Nickelodeon logo is finally revealed.
Rube Goldberg Silver Ball.JPG
unknown November 1983
Painting Colorful splashes of paint form a circular shape. The paint falls off, revealing the Nickelodeon silver ball logo.
Paint Silver Ball.JPG
unknown November 1983 July 1984
Twist 'n' Tie A rainbow-colored Nickelodeon logo twists, stretches, and ties itself up before morphing into the silver ball.
Silver Ball Twist n Tie.JPG
unknown February 19, 1984 unknown
Pizza Plate Live action kids' hands remove slices of pizza, revealing the Nick logo on a plate resembling the silver ball. A final pair of hands removes the tablecloth, revealing the Nickelodeon silver ball logo.
Pizza Silver Ball.JPG
n/a June 1984
Pattycake Little girls play pattycake in outer space.
Charlex November 12, 1985 unknown
Aliens (Better Off By Far) Singing aliens in a UFO land in front of a billboard with Nickelodeon Saturn on it.
Aliens (Better Off By Far).jpg
David Lubell unknown
Aliens (Tweedly Dum) Bean-shaped aliens sing Tweedly Dum.
Aliens (Tweedly Dum).jpg
International Rocketship unknown
Animal Silhouettes Animal-shaped silhouettes walk by the screen. The last one--a rhinoceros--has the Nickelodeon logo on it.
Animal Silhouettes.JPG
unknown 1991
Anteater An anteater eats spaghetti.
Olive Jar unknown
Calling Cades (Big Beast Quintet) Beasts walk in a row with the letters of Nickelodeon on their shirts, out of order. As the beasts sing the Calling Cades jingle, they rearrange themselves to spell "Nickelodeon".
Big Beast Quintet.jpg
Colossal Pictures unknown
Cowboy A cowboy travels across the Wild West on his horse.
Joey Ahlbum January 24, 1986
Dinosaur (Stop Motion T-Rex)
Dinosaur (Stop Motion T-Rex).jpg
unknown unknown
Dog and Parrot A dog barks while a parrot says "Nickelodeon".
Dog and Parrot.jpg
unknown unknown
Dog and Phonograph A dog listens to a phonograph.
Dog and Phonograph.jpg
Colossal Pictures unknown
Easy Groove A trio of big-nosed singers perform "Easy Groove" in front of a Nickelodeon billboard.
Easy Groove.jpg
Jerry Lieberman and Kim Deitch unknown
David Lubell unknown
Frog (Alligator) A singing frog in a tuxedo avoids being eaten by an alligator.
Frog (Alligator).jpg
David Lubell unknown
Frog (Dragon) A singing frog in a tuxedo avoids being roasted by a dragon's fire.
Frog (Dragon).jpg
David Lubell unknown
unknown unknown
Calling Cades (Notebook) The lyrics for the Calling Cades jingle appear on lined notebook paper.
Calling Cades (Notebook).jpg
unknown 1991
SFX (Lizards).jpg
unknown January 24, 1986
Main Course A waiter presents an Eskimo, a hippopotamus, and an operatic viking.
Main Course.jpg
Olive Jar unknown
Manhole (Ship) A man passes by a manhole and pulls out a large ship.
Manhole (Ship).jpg
unknown January 24, 1986
Nick Brew
Nick Brew.jpg
unknown unknown
Nick Dinos (Dino Bop) Male brontosauruses sing "Dino Bop"
Nick Dinos (Dino Bop).jpg
Joey Ahlbum unknown
Nick Nick Nick A hand writes "Nick" multiple times on lined notebook paper.
Nick Nick Nick.jpg
unknown unknown
Orange You Glad (Animator) An animator flips through his work on a Nickelodeon bumper.
Orange You Glad (Animator).jpg
Joey Ahlbum unknown
Orange You Glad (Notebook) The lyrics of "Orange You Glad" shown on lined notebook paper.
Orange You Glad (Notebook).jpg
unknown unknown
Orange You Glad (Singing Fruits) A banana, pineapple, and orange sing "Orange You Glad" and walk off a table, splatting into the Nickelodeon logo.
Orange You Glad (Singing Fruits).jpg
Joey Ahlbum unknown
unknown unknown
Presidential Barbershop (It's Time) Presidents at the Lincoln Memorial sing "It's Time" as a barbershop quartet.
Presidential Barbershop (It's Time).jpg
Charlex unknown
Presidential Barbershop (The Place for Kids) Presidents at the Lincoln Memorial sing "The Place for Kids" as a barbershop quartet and pop their wigs.
Presidential Barbershop (The Place For Kids).JPG
Charlex unknown
SFX (Cube).jpg
unknown unknown
Skating Letters Nickelodeon letters skate on a roller rink.
Skating Letters.jpg
International Rocketship unknown
unknown unknown
Worms Worms in an apple sing "Shoo Be Doo"
unknown unknown
Your TV Network Singers in orange tuxedos sing "Your TV Network"
Your TV Network.jpg
unknown unknown
Star Search The Nickelodeon letters jump off a movie star's door and try to sneak off, but are quickly spotted by a search light.
Star Search.JPG
unknown February 20, 1988
Sandwich A sandwich with cheese gets served on a plate, the cheese then melts and shapes into the Nickelodeon logo.
unknown November 1985
Bicycles Neon-like animation with people on bicycles.
unknown July 20, 1987
Window Blinds Window blinds open and close to reveal Nickelodeon clothes hanging on a line, a Nickelodeon ship, and a cow with a big Nickelodeon spot.
Window Blinds.JPG
unknown unknown
Vampire A vampire sits inside his coffin.
unknown unknown
The First A highlight of firsts -- the first man on the moon, the first president, the first kiss... and the first kids' network!
The First.JPG
n/a unknown
T Rex Sub A T Rex hatches from an egg, and a submarine emerges from underneath it.
T Rex Sub.JPG
unknown unknown

Name Description Image Animated By First Used / eka. Last Used / lka.
White Background - Doug & Porkchop Doug and Porkchop carry the Nickelodeon logo across a white background. Doug accidentally drops the logo on his foot, and Porkchop slides down into Doug's arms.
White Background Doug.JPG
unknown August 11, 1991 October 2002
Rugrats TV Tommy and Spike watch TV while Grandpa Lou sleeps. Tommy presses a button on the TV remote and switches over to Nickelodeon. Animation recycled from "Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing".
Rugrats TV.JPG
unknown August 11, 1991
White Background - Ren & Stimpy Ren farts in a bathtub, and a snorkeling Stimpy jumps in holding a bar of soap.
White Background Ren & Stimpy.JPG
J.J. Sedelmaier Productions. August 11, 1991
Nicktoons Art Man A man draws on a canvas before proceeding to fire orange paint at it with a cannon. The man then kisses the canvas, which turns out to have a painting of the Nicktoons logo.
Nicktoons Art Man.png
J.J. Sedelmaier Productions. 1991
Nicktoons Art Man Outro The same man as before pops out of a painting of the Nicktoons logo.
Nicktoons Art Man Outro.png
J.J. Sedelmaier Productions. 1991
Flying TV Monster A creature comes to a boy (who is watching a 1960's style TV set) and winks at the viewer. The creature jumps into the TV and has the Nickelodeon logo on the TV tube. Then the boy rides the creature and flies to a front view of the logo, while the creature flaps his wings.
Flying TV Monster.png
unknown 1992
Nickelodeon Studios Billboard We see a time-lapse of the workers building a billboard to promote Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.
Nickelodeon Studios Billboard.JPG
n/a 1992
Valentine's Day 1992 A Valentine's Day greeting from Nickelodeon.
Valentine's Day 1992.JPG
unknown February 14, 1992
Origami A pair of live action human hands craft several origami projects... and crumple them up shortly afterwards.
SFX (Origami).JPG
n/a February 16, 1992
Take 50 A picturesque portrait of a typical day in Hollywood.
Take 50.JPG
Colossal Pictures February 16, 1992
Nick Dinos (Doo-Wop-a-Saurus) Three dinosaurs are walking and singing in a village, where they showing a T-Rex watching TV and a pterodactyl with a tape player and headphone.
Doo Wop-A-Saurus.JPG
Joey Ahblum March 8, 1992
Waiting for You A group of lounge-singing fish put on a stage performance.
Waiting for You.JPG
unknown March 15, 1992
Gospel Chicken A black rooster sings and dances inside a chicken coop, backed up by a chicken choir.
Gospel Chicken.JPG
Nicktoons Transformations
Nicktoons Transformations ID.png
n/a April 1993
Folding Chair Five kids sit in a large Nickelodeon chair. When the kids unfold the chair and dance around, the chair flies away.
Folding Chair.JPG
n/a 1993
Cube Head A cube with childrens' faces on the sides spins around on a kid's body. "Nickelodeon is kids" appears at the end.
Cube Head.JPG
unknown March 27, 1993
Shoe Print Craft A live action pair of human hands create a shoe print craft.
Footprint Craft.JPG
n/a May 1, 1993
Basketball A group of kids play a game of basketball using an orange ball with the Nickelodeon logo on it.
n/a May 8, 1993
Pinchface A character (unofficially dubbed "Pinchface" by fans) sings a psychedelic rendition of Nickelodeon's signature song.
unknown May 22, 1993 September 8, 2001
Ant Picnic A colony of ants ravage a picnic.
unknown October 9, 1993 November 26, 1994
Word Jumble Letters are rearranged to spell ICE KOLD NEON, LIKED NO CONE, COOL KEEN DIN, and finally NICKELODEON.
Word Jumble.JPG
n/a October 16, 1993 October 23, 1993
Snow Globe A fireplace scene is shown. The camera zooms out, revealing a snowglobe with a Nickelodeon bow wrapped around it
unknown December 17, 1993 unknown
Lockers In a black and white school hallway, kids close the doors to their lockers. When the last kid shuts his locker, the scene lights up in color.
n/a January 8, 1994
Disco Dogs A trio of dogs do a disco dance while wearing orange Nickelodeon jumpsuits.
Disco Dogs.JPG
n/a January 15, 1994 March 5, 1994
Scissors A pair of scissors cuts a human figure out of orange Nickelodeon paper. When the scissors try to attack, the human cutout catches them with a piece of sticky tape.
unknown January 22, 1994 November 26, 1994
TV Box A Nickelodeon TV opens up, revealing an early CGI head.
unknown March 5, 1994 November 26, 1994
Head in Chair A child's head sits in a lounger chair in a miniature house, watching Nickelodeon. The house's walls separate, revealing the Nickelodeon logo.
Head in Chair.JPG
n/a 1995
Surf Board A man catches some waves on a Nickelodeon surf board.
Surf Board.JPG
unknown 1996
Green DJ A green DJ busts some fresh beats using records with the Nickelodeon logo on them.
Green DJ.JPG
unknown July 15, 1996
Caterpillar A goofy caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.
unknown July 15, 1996
Monster Disco A group of monsters dance at a disco party.
Monster Disco.JPG
unknown September 28, 1996
Cactus Turtle A turtle repeatedly touches a cactus and exclaims "Nick!"
Cactus Turtle.JPG
unknown 1998 unknown
Happy 4th of July!! A Fourth of July parade marches by, including a man on a unicycle beating a Nickelodeon drum.
Happy 4th of July!!.JPG
unknown unknown July 4, 2000
Happy 4th of July!! (Version 2) Another Fourth of July parade marches by, this time including a float with a bicentennial decorated cake and a man holding up a Nickelodeon flag.
Happy 4th of July!! (Version 2).jpg
unknown unknown July 4, 2000
White Background - SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob blows a bubble in the form of the Nickelodeon logo, but it deflates. SpongeBob then inhales the bubble, and expels the liquid out through his pores.
White Background SpongeBob SquarePants.png
unknown 1999 January 19, 2004
White Background - Mina & the Count The Count is frightened by Mina's jack-o-lantern and flies away in bat form. Mina faces her pumpkin to the audience, revealing the Nickelodeon logo.
White Background Mina Count 1.JPG

White Background Mina Count 2.JPG
unknown October 1999 unknown

Name Description Image Animated By First Used / eka. Last Used / lka.
White Background - Cosmo & Wanda A grayscale Cosmo and Wanda appear in front of a heart-shaped Nickelodeon logo, also colored gray. After magically adding color to themselves, Cosmo and Wanda do the same to the logo. The logo then tips over and splashes orange paint on them.
White Background Cosmo and Wanda.jpg
unknown 2001 February 28, 2004

Name Description Image Animated By First Used / eka. Last Used / lka.

Name Description Image Animated By First Used / eka. Last Used / lka.
Nick Signs Various Nickelodeon stars (from Danger Force, All That, Tyler Perry's Young Dylan and The Astronauts) each holding up lyrics as the 2016 Nick jingle plays in the background.
Nick Signs ID.png
N/A August 24, 2020 September 2020
Taking Notes Nickelodeon stars mark their notebooks as they all come together to make the Nickelodeon jingle capping off with a school bell.
Taking Notes ID.png
N/A August 24, 2020 September 2020
Hot Beverages Nickelodeon stars cool down their hot beverages by blowing to the tune of Nick's jingle.
Hot Beverages ID.png
N/A August 24, 2020 September 2020
Cheers The cast of Nickelodeon's Danger Force and The Astronauts cheers their mugs towards the camera. As the camera pans out, more Nickelodeon stars appear as they all interact with each other in a multi-frame grid.
Cheers ID.png
N/A August 24, 2020 September 2020
Nick Signs (The Astronauts) Only the cast of The Astronauts are shown holding up lyrics to the 2016 Nick jingle as it plays in the background.
Nick Signs (The Astronauts) ID.png
N/A September 2020 N/A
Hot Beverages (Danger Force) Only the cast of Danger Force are shown cooling their hot beverages by blowing to the tune to Nick's jingle.
Hot Beverages (Danger Force) ID.png
N/A September 2020 N/A
Halloween Zombies The New Nick logo becomes zombified.
Halloween Zombies ID.png
Johnny Falcone October 1, 2020 October 31, 2020
Cat Zombification The process of a black cat catching a hairball turns it into a zombie soon finding out the hairball is evil.
Cat Zombification ID.png
Johnny Falcone October 1, 2020 October 31, 2020
Space Pumpkins Two astronaut pumpkins float in space. One suddenly vomits in their helmet while the other laughs and before you know it, the other pumpkin vomits in their helmet as well.
Space Pumpkins ID.png
Johnny Falcone October 1, 2020 October 31, 2020
Ghoulish Phrase #1 A Tree Hallow plus a screaming head in a jar equals HallowScream which is the branding for 2020's Halloween on Nick.
Ghoulish Phrase 1 ID.png
Johnny Falcone October 1, 2020 October 31, 2020
Ghoulish Phrase #2 A magic trick top hat plus an apple core plus sweet candy treats equals Trick-or-Treat with "Trick" stylized in magician lettering and "Treat" stylized in candy and Halloween cookie lettering.
Ghoulish Phrase 2 ID.png
Johnny Falcone October 10, 2020 October 31, 2020
Boo A B-shaped Venus flytrap (which look more like a piranha plant) catches and eat a fly awakening two o-shaped plants that turns out to be eyes as the flytrap then burps. All together forming the word "Boo".
Boo ID.png
Johnny Falcone October 10, 2020 October 31, 2020
The Astronauts Spacecraft Samy and Elliott are seen sitting beside each other in the spacecraft. The camera then pans out showing the outside of the spacecraft traveling in space.
The Astronauts Spacecraft ID.png
N/A November 8, 2020 November 13, 2020
The Astronauts Microgravity Samy floats around in the spacecraft. As well as the Nick logo floating with her.
The Astronauts Microgravity ID.png
N/A November 9, 2020 November 13, 2020

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